Newsletter Archive: January 2017

A happy and joyful new year to you all. As we slowly start to move towards Spring, we’re looking towards our Celebration of Diversity fundraising evening on the 3 February at the Plough Arts Centre, Torrington (from 8-10.30pm). We are delighted that Satish Kumar, a former Jainist monk and long-time peace and environmental activist is speaking at this.  Walking 8000 miles on a peace pilgrimage in 1962, Satish travelled from India across four continents to give a simple packet of tea and deliver a message of peace to the world leaders of the nuclear powers of Moscow, London, Paris and USA. Satish’s gentle wisdom and insight is a powerful antidote to the human suffering, violence and bigotry that arises on a daily basis across the planet.

Imagine for one moment, a day without human suffering. Our true nature of joy, love, laughter and compassion ringing out as clear as a bell. In the face of human pain, oppression, tension and misery across the globe, it is easy to forget our true nature is of goodness and light in essence. We hope that events like the evening at the Plough and the Diversity Festival on 8 July lift our spirits to reconnect and celebrate our humanity through the uplifting artistry of local musicians and performers. Please come and join our Sunrise community then!  

We now have two levels of free weekly ESOL classes – on a Monday from 12.30-2pm for beginners, and 2.30-4pm for intermediate and above, and Wednesdays from 5.30-6.45pm for beginners and 7.00-8pm for intermediate and above. We have developed a new syllabus to ensure that students are supported to progress in all aspects of using English language confidence. Our conversation clubs are also a fun and social way to chat to English speakers and meet new people – we currently have two sessions on a Tuesday from 12.00-1.30pm and Thursday from 6.00-7.30pm and anyone is welcome – however much or little English they speak.  It would be lovely to see some new faces.

Take care and I hope that this year brings much happiness into your life.

Naomi Chunilal and the team