Communities look forward to Diversity Festival 2015 after launch event and Eid Celebration

On Monday the 20th of July we hosted our Eid Celebration and Diversity Festival Launch Party at the Castle Centre, cheap jerseys Barnstaple. The event incorporated henna tattooing, recorded and live music, delicious food and Programming lots and lots of bunting! It was great to be able to introduce people Devon involved with North Devon Diversity Festival to the local cheap nfl jerseys BME North community that Sunrise caters for.

Our Events Manager Patrick Houtermans said this in response to the day:

It was great to see Costume so many different people from different communities celebrating Eid and looking forward to the Diversity Festival together. The performers, food and decorations were brilliant – the event has made me not able wait for the Diversity Festival which is on Saturday at Castle Green! Artikel It will be fantastic!

The rest of the Sunrise staff and our volunteers agree with him; Diversity Festival is going wholesale nba jerseys to be the best one yet!