celebrate diversity – challenge discrimination – change attitudes

North Devon Sunrise

We are a dynamic grassroots community organisation in a remote rural area. We provide activities, services and events for people living across Northern Devon, including those of diverse identities such as  minority ethnic groups,  disabled people,and the LGBT+ community. We are passionate about challenging and transforming prejudice, discrimination and abusive practices so all people feel safe, included and valued within their own and the wider community.  Our progressive approach was recognised from amongst 20,000 voluntary sector organisations, with us being shortlisted at the National Diversity Awards 2016.


Our aim

Our aim is that all people in Northern Devon are accepted and respected for their individual humanity within a truly inclusive, supportive and welcoming community.


What is diversity?

Diversity connect us to our human individuality – whether we define this by our country of birth, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, culture, physical abilities, sexuality, disabilities, lifestyle choices or any other aspect of our identity. We view human diversity as adding positive value to the community through the different skills and contributions to the economy, workforce, culture, new ideas and ways of thinking. All of this helps to create a more cohesive society. It enables people to understand and connect to the global world we live in. At North Devon Sunrise, we appreciate, recognise and accept human difference – valuing people for themselves, alongside celebrating our shared humanity.


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Last updated: 23 July 2019