Newsletter Archive: May 2017

Hello everyone

hope this finds you well. I wanted to share the simplicity of these words with you –

Not the Place by Cattail Jester

It’s simply not my place
to condemn.
I will not let some border
or random boundary, some
old fuelling hate,
replace my sense of love.
My finger is not one
that points, but five
fingers of welcome, of hope.

~ The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is fear. Gandhi

Spring is springing, and Northern Devon feels like a breathtakingly beautiful place to live in. The warmth of the sunshine, the soft green of trees unfurling into leaf, golden light rising off ocean spray. It’s easy to forget to look up and appreciate the wonder of life around us.  We may plan to explore all those natural places of beauty that we’ve never visited, but time passes, and there is often something else to do.

So this month, we’ve teamed up with Active Devon to offer you some ‘get outdoors and explore Northern Devon’ outings, taking you to some of our most beautiful places whilst trying out new activities. These outings are all free and transport will be provided from Sunrise offices in Barnstaple.  Please see the details below and get in touch if you want to come along to any of them.

It’s not very long now until the Diversity Festival on Saturday 8th July – we would really like to get in touch with anyone living locally who comes from a different part of the globe, and who would be happy to chat very informally to people about their culture in the world village green area.  For example, it might be to show people how to tie a turban, or a headscarf, or to bring along some pictures or objects about your culture or religion and explain these, or maybe teach people a few words of welcome in your home language – the choice is endless!

It would be wonderful if people go home afterwards knowing something new about another country, as well as feeling the warmth of sharing laughter, words and understanding about what makes us different, yet the same as human beings. If you know of anyone who might be interested to give us a little time, please let them know and to get in touch.

Hoping this finds you well – drop by and see us soon if you haven’t for a while.

With our good wishes

Naomi and the Sunrise team