Newsletter Archive: July & August 2017

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer, and enjoying the moments of sunshine when they come.

Next week is our World Activity morning to celebrate India’s independence diversity, where different groups of people have lived side-by-side for centuries, a situation frequently stirred up by political ambition and identity. We are talking about a country with a rich cultural heritage of 330 million gods in Hindu mythology, 2000 ethnic groups, every single religion represented, 22 major languages, with 720 different dialects, and 283 different types of mangoes growing on the mango tree.

History often tells a story of human dignity and spirit, alongside hatred, fear and violence that surface when different people are treated as less equal than others, despite sharing the same humanity as a species. The last 70 years or so since India became a free country is no exception, with the country’s independence from British colonial rule coming hand-in-hand with fighting, war, Partition, fighting over Kashmir, religious bigotry and hatred, stirred up by the country’s leaders – the imprint of much still being played out. It is an all-too common story of human nature across the world – a story of how human emotion of hatred and fear can lead us away from our hopes and dreams of peace, freedom and respect.

Choose a different path of non-violence. And some of these words illustrate his philosophy of peace – *’An eye for an eye, only ends up making the whole world blind.’ *His words speaking so much truth in the world we live in nowadays – *’You must not loose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean. If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.* Mahatma Gandhi. Words worth holding onto as humanity’s future unfolds…

If you would like to learn to cook some authentic Indian curries, we’re running an adult workshop in in the Autumn, so please get in touch to register an interest as this will be a popular event with limited spaces.

We hope to see a lot more sunshine through the rest of the school holidays, and would very much like to see you at our family outing to Westward Ho! beach on August 25th. Please see below for more info, and get in touch with us asap if you would like transport to/from Barnstaple to join in this fun day out.

In the meantime, all good wishes and take care
Naomi & the Sunrise Team