Newsletter Archive: November 2017

Hello everyone

I want to draw your attention to the following universal scenario across the globe –

A  man and woman meet, fall in love, have 2 beautiful children and they live altogether happily as a family.

Unfortunately, there isn’t always a happy ending – What happens when the man falls in love with a woman from a different country to his own, who doesn’t have a British passport like his own?  In some cases, families are split up and children separated from one parent or another, despite having marriage certificates, birth certificates, the children settled in school, and a partner being the legitimate spouse of a UK citizen, with photo albums of happy family memories that show the living bonds between them.

Immigration laws often make it very difficult to fall in love, and have a relationship with someone who lives in certain countries. Yet, as we all know – love is universal and doesn’t understand national borders.

Sunrise is aware that immigration law is necessary to safeguard its citizens, and always operates within this legal framework – understanding that there always needs to be a legality behind an individual’s right to live in a country.

So, I’d like to ask you to give 2 minutes of your time to read and sign the petition below to help this lovely family stay together in the UK.


Thank you for your goodwill.

With good wishes from


& the Sunrise team