Drop-in & Information

The twice-weekly ‘Drop-in’ and Information Centre acts as the front-facing centrepiece of the Sunrise Diversity Project and features two main functions: to facilitate social interaction and/or to enable access to social support.

The Drop-in and Information Centre primarily offers users convenient social space in order to build bridges between the many different communities we work with. Individuals, families and communities typically use this platform as a means of meeting and socialising with others from the same or similar background to their own, integrating with people of diverse backgrounds and building friendships with local communities.

Equipped with tea and coffee making facilities, internet access and comfortable seating, the Drop-in and Information Centre attracts between 40-50 people and enables users to develop identity and belongingness within the local community, and join the wide range of other activities we hold.

Users generally develop a great level of trust with North Devon Sunrise through the Drop-in and Information Centre, resulting in the service being one of the principal access routes to one-to-one social support provided by experienced staff and volunteers, which forms the ‘behind-the-scenes’ centrepiece of the Sunrise Diversity Project. Support services are principally based on working with individuals to help them overcome their difficulties and challenges through casework, advocacy and signposting, as well as giving confidential information. For more information on how North Devon Sunrise might be able to support individuals, please see One-to-One Support.

Opening Times

Our Drop-in and Information Centre is held at our primary location of Sunrise Community Centre (part of the Castle Centre complex in Barnstaple, Devon) on:

  • Mondays from 12.00pm to 4.00pm
  • Wednesdays from 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Last updated: 26 September 2016